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Ca’ Morosani is a private home built by a Swiss Italian American family. The patriarch of the family, Remy, came from Brusio which is a small Swiss hamlet just a few kilometers from Livigno.

Remy worked in St. Moritz as a ski instructor to the likes of Charlie Chaplin, King Umberto II and the Agnelli family, before emigrating to the United States in the late 1930s.  He never actually visited Livigno because of its inaccessibility at the time.

In the late 1960’s the family’s attention was turned back toward Livigno when Remy’s wife Virginia attended a Transcendental Meditation course with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The course had been organized through a British travel agency which was among the first outside investors in Livigno. Virginia fell in love with the serene Alpine character of the Livigno valley, and Remy was curious to see this place so near his hometown. They were so enchanted with the beauty of Livigno that shortly thereafter, they purchased a plot of land and began construction on Ca' Morosani. 

Ca’ Morosani was designed with the intention of housing a large family and friends in spacious comfort (Virginia and Remy had seven children). The villa was made even larger than the original plan by a mistake in metric conversion; even today, when the size of vacation homes is increasing, Ca’ Morosani feels spacious. The house was given its name in reference to Remy’s Venetian ancestry, who use the diminutive “Ca’” to name their palazzos.

Completed in 1972, Ca’ Morosani was furnished with the best in European furnishings and accoutrements – Scandinavian modern furniture, Alpine goose down comforters, enormous bathtubs imported from Germany, Bavarian porcelain, Italian wood craftsmanship. Ca’ Morosani has been renovated and updated several times, and used as a private residence for over forty years. Today, with a few more updates, the house is being offered for private rentals.


Known to locals as “Little Tibet,” Livigno is famous for its high altitude and pristine mountain character. Historically, Livigno was so remote that the town was home only to a few farming families until the 1970s. Today it is known as a world class Alpine resort for sports, relaxation and shopping. In 2026 Livigno will host Winter Olympic Games. 

Located 1,816 meters above sea level, Livigno includes the village of Trepalle which is Europe’s highest established parish. Prior to 1965, access to and from the valley was limited to a few summer months when snow melted enough for roads to be passable.

Because of its isolation and because the high-altitude harvest was meager, Livigno has appreciated tax advantages for hundreds of years. The current duty-free status was introduced by the Austrian Empire in 1840, confirmed by the Kingdom of Italy around 1910, and by the Italian Republic and the European Economic Community in 1960.

In 1965 Livigno was opened to the rest of the world with the construction of Munt La Schera tunnel. Within a few years, the first tourists from England and Europe were discovering Livigno.

Thanks to its high altitude and stunning nature, Livigno has transformed into a world class sports destination. As a ski resort, Livigno is becoming increasingly sought-after as it boasts cold temperatures which ensure snow when its lower-altitude neighbors are too warm.  Modern high-speed ski lifts, spacious trails and gourmet on-slope restaurants make a fantastic outing for skiers of any level.

Beyond the ski slopes, Livigno offers nature, adventure and a perfect training atmosphere for any sport. Because of the high altitude, national teams from a multitude of sports live and train in Livigno every summer. Kilometers of mountain hiking and biking trails make for an ideal summertime getaway, and there is a pedestrian exercise path for walking, running, biking, and Nordic skiing which runs alongside Ca’ Morosani. Other adventure activities include paragliding, heli-skiing, downhill biking, ice driving school, ropes course or a visit to the Aquagranda complex.

For a break from sports, visitors can enjoy the town. Today Livigno is known for its charming Alpine character which is thanks to strict building codes and local pride. The traffic-free town center features fantastic shops, restaurants and bars.

One of Livigno's undeniably exciting attractions is the Duty-Free shopping. The Italian VAT tax, which is usually 22%, is not collected in Livigno shops, making it a perfect spot to pick up a new snowboard, Gucci loafers, a mobile phone or diamond earrings. 

Livigno has a free bus service with a stop next to Ca’ Morosani.

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  • Resident car parking

  • High-speed internet

  • Wifi access

  • Breakfast Buffet

  • Sauna

  • Elevator

  • Billiard Table

  • Television with Cable, SKY

  • DVD Player

  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry facilities

  • Iron & ironing board

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